Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Have you heard about the newest mass of documents WikiLeaks has released this week? I'm sure you have, and I'm shocked. I am siding with the government on this. A lot of that information should not have been released to the public, because it could harm a lot of innocent people. I just read on CNN today that one of the documents released stated that China was getting tired of support North Korea, and thinking it was a "spoiled child," and with the current situation over on the Korean peninsula NK could react very negatively and this could explode to a whole lot bigger of a mess than necessary.

What also is making me irritated is the creator of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, is thinking he is some sort of hero now; saying he has documents that can tear down a US bank and thinking he is doing a public service by releasing thousands of classified information which could end up in bloodshed. This guy needs to realize that he is not doing a great thing, more like a reckless thing and that many people are upset with him.

Yes, people deserve the right to know what their government is doing and I agree with that; but releasing information that could cause more harm then good is not my idea of a public service. You have to weigh the costs with the benefits when it comes to something like this, and I feel that the costs are way more pricey than the benefits.

Disagree if you want, it's a free world on the internet, well hopefully. But that is another story.



  1. lol yup biggest troll in the world right now. its some pretty lulzy shit if ppl didnt realise that the government covered shit like that up then they jus ignant

  2. I dont think people realize that if they capture Assange, he'll release the insurance file which will destroy the planet pretty much. we kinda HAVE to let him roam free...


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