Thursday, December 9, 2010

What a last few days.

My apartment building's sewage pipe blew up, so I haven't had water in my place since Monday. So I've been showering at the gym, sleeping in a hotel and at my girlfriends place. I couldn't do my dishes or laundry, I would have to walk to different buildings to use the restroom. It was awful. But now that I have water I am making up for the lack of it, which would be greatly frowned upon by my city. But Portland can suck it!

But now that my life is back to normal, more or less anyways, it's time to get back on my exercise routine. I just bought some protein supplement so I can get big, and hopefully burn off the fat that has been on my body since I was 9 or so.I managed to lose like 50 pounds when I was a sophomore in high school, I've put that weight back on, but it's been in bone and muscle mass, but I still have a gut, and love handles and such; now I'm set on getting rid of it. With it being winter break, I have to focus on my health. In a time when people indulge and eat more then they need and do very little exercise, I need to do the opposite. My health depends on it, and my self-esteem as well, at a probably greater level than my health even.

I hope things go well this break, I hope my girlfriend and I spend time, and due to my exercise I get happier, which will affect us, which is good. I'll probably keep you posted on how things are going.


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