Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, Jesus (Bitch fest, read if you want to hear me rant.)

I may have said this already, but my friend has moved in with me. As exciting as it was at first, I am getting so tired of having him around all the time. I am tired of watching him and our mutual friend play CoD. I am tired of his annoying ex-girlfriend who is still trying to sleep with. I am tired of the friends we share, because they are lazy and don't do anything. I am in a irritated mood, as you can probably tell. I need space, I need new friends, I need to move. I may be running away from my problems, but moving to a new city and going to a new school could make a big improvement in my life. I just wouldn't want to leave my girlfriend. She is the only thing that doesn't annoy the hell out of me these days. Christ, this school stuff is a bitch. I can hold out though, deal with my lazy and unhealthy friends, deal with my always around roommate. I know I can, I have to. For my education and my relationship with the greatest girl in the world.

Wish me luck. Ay.

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